who we are

“You dream it and we design it!”

Founded by Manpreet Singh, Studio FOV is a Boutique Architectural Visualization Studio, well equipped with experts from the arena of Architecture and Art. The 3D Studio focuses on promoting Concepts/Ideas and Architectural Spaces, designed and created by ace Architects/Designers. The team works towards aunique and artistic style of visualization!

our services


Our CGI Illustrations bring forth that is a step forward from the photographic world. We focus realism and make sure it speaks for itself.

An image that speaks for itself through  3D walkthrough animation services. It makes you experience abundant sentiments just by looking at it. A detailed picture is disclosed in Top Scale Model Company in India.
Virtual Reality
Feel your home even before you can actually touch it with the  Best Architectural Visualization Company. and the Best 3D Elevation Company. A luxury so rare. We are specialized in – 360 Panoramic Images – Full Real-time Walk-throughs/VR
Physical Model
Why are models so important? Don’t we all wish to know the end result of whatever we do? Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to know beforehand rather than wanting to tweak it up and put more effort later on? The  Best 360 Virtual Tour Company gives you just that. It helps the customer to know what his dream would look like if it was a reality. We just make it a reality. It is an unskippable step for the customer in the business in being Top 3D Rendering Company in India.. We believe in making a 3D Scale Model Maker which in turn helps you to see your future through it.
Why StudioFOV?
1. We deliver the best
2. We outstand all your expectations
3. We define perfection
4. You invest, we make it worth
5. Reputed and best in our line
6. After sales service even better because you matter
7. We aim to be one of the  Top Scale Companies in India
We believe in what we do and we believe in making it just complete and perfect which in turn leaves no doubts or complaints from your end.